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I buy CBD from 1937 Apothecary because the benefits from the flower and vape oil are unlike anything else I have found locally…and I’ve tried it all. I just tell them what’s been ailing me and they customize the product right there for me. I only go and see Sarah for CBD. I would never buy from another source.


Sarah has helped me to finally feel like myself again. I go to her because I know I can trust what she says.

LuzDary – Austin, TX

The world of CBD is confusing with lots of lines, companies and formulas to choose from. I met Sarah Kerver a year ago when I was looking into CBD oils to help with arthritic pain. She is incredibly knowledgeable and helped me find the product most suitable for me. Sarah only works with companies that sell pure, organic, carefully grown CBD and her products have helped me stay pain free for the past year. Highly recommended! 

Nicole Jeffords – Austin, TX

Let me begin by saying that ever since I started taking the product I get from Sarah; my life has finally changed for the better. About three years ago, I injured my lower back lifting a heavy item and developed a disk bulge in my l5s1 disk. Over the last three years, I’ve tried everything to relieve the pain, other than surgery. I’ve had cortisone injections, pop injections, chiropractic, physical, and massage therapy. I finally got on a prescription of Cymbalta, but it only takes my pain from 6 or 7 down to a 4 or 5. The only thing that relieves the pain for sure is hydrocodone but because I’m in a program of recovery I prefer not to walk that grey line. Also, it’s fast acting but does not last long. My pain comes right back in 2 or 3 hours, not to mention all the other downsides of narcotic medication.

Since taking CBD products from Nature’s Root, my pain is down to a 2 at the highest and some days I don’t have pain at all! I can’t say enough about how my quality of life has improved for my wife and 5-year-old son now that I can enjoy activities with them again. It was just the thing I had been looking for to keep my potential back surgery at bay. If you’re on the fence about CBD, do the research. It won’t take you very long to discover that this herb can help or even cure many of life’s issues. My wife takes it for her anxiety attacks and depression and has been able to fully get off her psych meds thanks to CBD.