90/90 D9/CBC Tincture

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Embark on a harmonious journey with our Hemp-Derived 90/90 Tincture—an exquisite blend of 90mg Delta-9 THC and 90mg CBC. This precisely balanced tincture is a celebration of cannabinoids, carefully crafted to offer a unique and synergistic experience.

Perfect for those who appreciate the nuanced benefits of different cannabinoids, this tincture offers a well-rounded approach to well-being. Whether you're seeking a sense of calm, mild euphoria, or relief from everyday stress, the 90/90 Tincture is designed to elevate your experience.

With a convenient dropper, dosing becomes a breeze. Start with a few drops and customize your experience based on your preferences and needs. Each bottle is a carefully curated blend, undergoing rigorous testing to guarantee purity, potency, and compliance with industry standards.

Experience the symphony of cannabinoids with our Hemp-Derived 90/90 Tincture—where 90mg of Delta-9 THC meets 90mg of CBC in perfect balance. Elevate your well-being and savor the journey with every drop.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review