D8 Muscle Salve

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Introducing our limited ingredient hemp-derived Delta-8 THC Salve—crafted for those who crave simplicity without sacrificing potency. With a respectable 250mg of Delta-8 THC per jar, this salve is a minimalist's dream, offering a focused approach to relief without the frills.

We take pride in the simplicity of our formula. Limited ingredients mean no unnecessary extras—just the pure power of Delta-8 THC working in harmony with skin-friendly elements. It's a straightforward solution that doesn't compromise on effectiveness.

Fragrance-free and proud of it. This salve lets the Delta-8 THC do the talking without any overpowering scents. It's a quiet achiever, catering to those who prefer products that get the job done without unnecessary fanfare.

Say goodbye to the sticky and messy aftermath. Our salve is designed for clean and hassle-free application. It melts smoothly into the skin, leaving no residue—just the targeted relief you need without the fuss.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review